Many of the medical discoveries and breakthroughs were made using our products; as a result, patients are being treated earlier. We provide our customers with the tools that aid them in their research and medical discoveries in the following areas:

  • Diagnosis of infectious diseases caused by microorganisms
  • Detection and identification of blood diseases and disorders
  • Advance diagnosis and treatment of cancer
  • Testing of biological fluids such as blood, urine, stool
  • Solutions for clinical research

Clinical Diagnostics

  • Clinical & Research reference standards
  • Diagnostics for transfusion medicine…
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Clinical Research

We enable clinical research by bringing in advance solutions that has the greatest impact on clinical outcome. We focus on solving complex problems with simple solutions…

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Cancer Diagnostics

Our products cover the full spectrum of cancer diagnosis method ranging from genomic analysis to immunoh is to chemistry…

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Infectious Diseases

Infectious disease are disorders caused by organisms. As organisms kept on evolving, the use of the right technology to detect & identify the cause of the infection plays a critical role in patient management and mortality rate…

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With solutions covering applications from Clinical diagnosis to ensuring food safety, we offer a wide range of products that enables faster and more accurate microbiological test…

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