QT instruments offer a comprehensive range of radiation, hotlab and installation services in Singapore, running the gamut from environmental monitoring to radiation hazards and contamination, and emergency response. We offer top-notch solutions and capabilities to facilitate industries and interested agencies to monitor radiation effectively, and to ensure our drinking water is free of contaminants, clean packaging, hygienic foodstuff, and a healthy environment. Our pioneer radiation instrument testing services lead in the testing and designing of radiation monitoring equipment.

The span and reach of our business expands throughout Nuclear Medicine & PET radiochemistry department and Diagnostics Imaging Departments within the healthcare industry, offering a range of comprehensive radio-pharmaceuticals equipment and accessories, and high-quality nuclear medicine, in addition to instruments created and designed to ensure precise diagnostic compliance on the quality or efficiency of imaging procedures and radiation protection, such as the Survey Meter and Geiger Meter.

Our equipment is used widely to test quality assurance protocol for radiation equipment in hospitals, radiation detection systems, measurement instruments, calibration tools, radiation devices, and radiation protection monitors and gears. The instruments we supple are equipped to test the intensity of radiation rays such as gamma and beta rays accurately and efficiently.

QT Instruments also provides tailor-made and immediate solutions, providing our clients with product installation, customization services and product advisory prior to purchase, engineering training, onsite product training, after-sales services, maintenance and troubleshooting, and in-house repair of equipment, thus providing optimal support at every level of the product life cycle to meet our customers’ needs. We are also industry experts in providing medical devices to the Radiology Department, with patient safety, cost saving, and ease of use in mind.

This added value is achieved by diligently comprehending the business challenges of our clients, identifying the commercial opportunities, and leveraging our resources to build and supply enhanced products and systems to deliver a desired outcome.

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