Biomedia draws upon its global network across the medical and pharmaceutical industry to offer our clients unprecedented support for their business. As a future-proof business, we exist to turn passion into results. As such, we rely heavily on a set of benchmarks as internal indicators. This proven framework uses sound methodologies to address complex business issues, and allows us to find innovative solutions for growth.




Empowered communities make greater positive impacts for societies. We constantly seek to empower communities with relevant and innovative technologies to drive improvements in the way we work and live. We are active participants to build a sustainable environmental and business ecosystem through medical and scientific empowerment as a legacy for our shared future.

Impacting Lives

The availability of better treatment, faster and more accurate diagnosis impacts lives profoundly. To this end, we seek to empower researchers and healthcare professionals so that patients enjoy better treatment outcomes. The personal and professional development of the individual empowers him to make greater impacts to all whom he serves. To this end, we see to empower people with technologies, knowledge, skills and opportunities.


A culture that breeds and nurtures great relation -ships

We treasure the great relationships that we have with the customers we serveand the cooperation that they give to us. We continue to

  • Listen attentively to their needs and wants and learn about their business and marketplace.
  • We are mindful that we must be a value-adding partner for them professionally and what they do for their business.
  • We make sure to respond in the most timely fashion and deliver our services an solutions accurately.
  • Exhibit our “can do” attitude in our approach to work.

Delivering peace of mind

Our customers choose Biomedia because they feel assured that we have the right attitude, the knowledge and experience packaged into the solution and service that we offer. They will feel that “peace of mind” when sourcing products from Biomedia.


Simple | Beautiful | Accurate

In competition, our products usually stand out among the top, if not as “the best of the heap”.We study the market and user behaviors and we do comprehensive research of potential manufacturers and their products before we include any of them as a Biomedia solutions. In the process, we apply design thinking and develop simple but precise solutions. The results are products which capitalize ontechnology that market and customer find simple and pleasant to use, beautiful to behold whilst delivering full capabilities with accurate results.

Reliable | Innovative | Relevant

For over 30 years, many companies, local and global, had experienced the impact from our contributions in terms of fresh andbetterapproaches to their needs. We had listened and responded to them by constantly providing solutions that create value for their organization

We continually undertake and invest in technology transformation and management innovation program to stay relevant and in front of competitions. This is the hallmark of our continued success.


Marketing for Success

If ASEAN were a country, it’ll be the seventh largest economy in the world. However, the complexities of each market are not easy to understand. Top this up with 10 different languages and unique cultures, the task becomes even more daunting. Having been fully immersed with years of in-depth market experience, we are fully adapt at navigating these markets. Identifying market opportunities, understanding local needs and enabling critical distribution strategies have been our formula for marketing success – delivering superior results to our partners.


We are committed to conducting ourselves and our business in an open, clear and responsible manner. Holding integrity as one of our core values, being open also holds us accountable for all our actions, an attitude adopted by all. This has always been the bedrock of strong relationships.



As a matter of practice, and for better productivity we are open to try new methods for getting things done.Excellence is an organizational habit and our people are actively encouraged to continue on that journey as an organization to be creative at how they do things. on at. This spirit is fostered by an open door and open mind policy; and this is benefiting everybody beyond just us alone.

Working beyond boundaries

Putting the needs of others before ourselves is mindset that has led to a harmonious and tight-knitted comradery in Biomedia. Drawing upon our value of Unity, we workin harmony to the delight of our customers and for that, we are willing to go the extra mile.

Gratitude & Security

The most valuable assets of the business is our people. Our accumulated knowledge, skills and experience will continue to strengthen the bonds we have with our customers and partners. A gratuitous culture prevails among our people where everyone looks out for each other.

The security and well-being of the people who have invested time and energy towards the our growth is the top priority in Biomedia. Thus, we continue to equip our people with knowledge and skill them to take ownership for their career.


Good performance is a celebration that’s worth broadcasting. Reward for a job well done comes in many forms; a pat on the back, a well-earned vacation, a deserved promotion, etc. However the true spirit of a Biomedians lies in the knowledge that he/she has served and created a positive impact on lives, be that of fellow colleagues, customers, partners or the community; professional and personal development are but incidental.

Corporate Governance

Biomedia’s corporate governance program ensures we serve the interests of stockholders and other stakeholders with the highest standards of responsibility, integrity and compliance with the related laws in all ways possible These standards, built upon our value system and common morality, are guided by our board of directors who work to oversee that the company’s actions, performance, transparency system and governance policies are practiced throughout the entire organization.